DoneDone: Now with an improved header and popup images!

A few upgrades we’ve made recently to DoneDone.

Better navigation
DoneDone now has a revamped header. The old header was a bit cramped, especially if you are an account holder. Most of the links are rarely used (like “Profile” and “Account”) and some features used all the time (like switching between projects). The new header emphasizes more commonly used items.

Also, we got rid of the DoneDone logo. Many of you wanted to put your own logo on the header to match the logo you can replace on the login screen. But, there’s all sorts of constraints with spacing and background colors that we didn’t want to open up. Now, there’s no more DoneDone logo and instead we’ve replaced it with your company name.

In-place image popups
A long requested feature has been allowing you to view image attachments inline, as opposed to viewing them in a new window. We’ve seen it for awhile in Basecamp, and it’s arguably even more useful for an issue tracker. So, you’ll now see a magifying glass icon next to any image file. Just click the link and…

…something special just might happen.

We hope these changes are helpful. Let us know your thoughts. Catch us on Twitter or GetSatisfaction.

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