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This past Friday, we took DoneDone offline for an hour to get the Manage Account pages up and running. As of late Friday evening, all accounts now fall into one of 5 DoneDone plans, and if you’re an account owner, you can click on over to Manage Account to see which one you fit into. Bear in mind, you may be in a bigger or smaller plan that you originally specified. Thats because we needed to fit everyone into a plan which accommodated their active users as of Friday evening. The remainder of October is still free, so you can upgrade or downsize as you see fit, but note that if you downsize, you may need to remove a few people from your projects.  Regardless, if you fit into one of our four paid-plans, you’ll need to enter your payment information prior to November 1st to keep using DoneDone.

Alright, now, here’s an overview of what’s new.

Account Settings

Account settings page under Manage Account
Account settings page under Manage Account

The Manage Account section is available only to account owners, and each account can have only one of those. If, at any time, you’d like to change account owners, you can do that from the Account Settings page. Do note though, that you’ll also need to update your Billing Information. If you’re no longer the account owner, you’ll need the new account owner to make this update.

You can also change your account’s sub-domain at any time, provided the new one is available. Do note that any existing DoneDone emails will no longer point to the correct URL. Needless to say, all of your users will need to be aware of the domain change. DoneDone does not currently notify users of this change.

Update Plan

Update plan page under Manage Account
Update plan page under Manage Account

The Update Plan page allows you to change your plan, which in turn, determines how many active users and how much storage you have available. Depending on your case, you can upgrade to a bigger plan or downsize to a smaller one. If you’d like to downsize, but none of the plans are available to you, you’ll first have to remove a few users from your projects. More on that at the end of this post.  

Payment History

The payment history page under Manage Account
The payment history page under Manage Account

This page is blank for every customer at this time, except for the “Your next scheduled payment …” bit. As soon as the end of October rolls around, and provided you’ve entered your credit card details (under Billing Information), you’ll be able to view and print your invoices from here.

Billing Information

Billing information page under Manage Account
Billing information page under Manage Account

DoneDone accepts all major credit cards, and American Express will be up and running within a couple of days of writing this. You can update your payment details here at any time.

Prior to October 31st

If you choose to enter your payment info prior to October 31st, that doesn’t mean you’ll be charged before then. You still have the remainder of the month to evaluate DoneDone.

Cancel Account

The cancel account page under Manage Account
Cancel account page under Manage Account

It’s the feature we hate the most, but here it is. We wish you’d stick around, but there’s nothing holding ya back from deleting your users and data. Do know that what’s done is done, though. Your subdomain is immediately available for other customers, and your data and user profiles are permanently deleted.

Active users and changing plans

An account alert in DoneDone
An account alert in DoneDone

In the new DoneDone, pricing is based on the number of active users in an account. An active user is someone who has access to at least one active project. For example, if you’ve added 10 people to a project but only 2 of those users have issues, you have 8 users who are technically active, although they aren’t creating or fixing issues.

There are a few events in DoneDone which will let you know you’ve maxed out your current plan.

  1. When you add a new user
  2. When you assign people to a project
  3. When you unarchive a project which has users assigned to it.

Remember that not only account owners will see these messages. Users in your company who are also account admins will also get these prompts, as they’re able to add/remove people and so on. Do note, however, that they cannot change your account’s plan, nor do they have access to Manage Account pages.

Wrap up

This concludes the initial release of the new DoneDone. Phew. It’s been a busy, but extremely satisfying few weeks. What’s next? We’re on to improvements. Not everything that’s new is better. So, we’re combing through feedback from both customers and our own team and will be making small, myriad improvements to the application. If you’ve got some ideas, as always, we’re glad to hear ’em.


The DoneDone team

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