The new DoneDone: FAQ, FYI, and WTF, part I

The new DoneDone started it’s new job this past Monday. So far he’s made plenty of friends. He’s handsome, smart, and from the midwest, so we knew he’d do just fine. He’s not exactly like the last guy who sat in that chair, though. He’s his own man, and as such, there’s a few questions which have arisen about his ‘way of doing things’. We all, of course, are accustomed to how the ‘old guy’ did things. So, let’s do some explainin’.

This week, we’ll start with the dashboard, Cc’ing your team, switching accounts, fixers & testers, and custom search. Let us know what you’d like us to write about next week at @getdonedone. 

The Dashboard

How the two views on the dashboard work

In the old DoneDone, there was a single listing which showed all projects regardless of whether there were issues or specific updates you need to know about.

In the new Dashboard, we cleaned things up a bit. The default view shows you only the projects with issues which are waiting on you for action. It doesn’t show you projects where you have issues which are not waiting on you.  You’ll notice that if you click through to a project from this view, the project’s landing page will display _all of your active issues_, not just the ones waiting on you.

The second view, All active projects, is made specifically for project managers or account admins who need a birds-eye view of activity and priority across all projects in DoneDone.

Recent Project Activity

This feature is pretty simple. It shows the 3 projects where _your issues_ were updated most recently. We poll for the first 3 issue updates, which by the way, could all come from the same issue.  Click the eyeball which, may make some queasy, and you get the 10 most recent updates.

Cc’ing people and getting rid of emails

One new concept which is an evolution of an old feature is the notion of CC’ing people on issue updates. In the original DoneDone, you could one-off CC people on comments only. Each comment you added, you had to re-select the people to notify.

In the new DoneDone, if you select a person to CC, they’re added to the list, and will be automatically CC’d next time around. This works on comments, and other issue updates such as status changes, or re-assignments. Now, how about users who don’t like that extra email? There’s a link in the email which let’s them opt-out of future communications on that issue.

Do note that Testers and Fixers currently can not unsubscribe from issue notifications. Don’t be sad. Because longer term, we’re exploring how best to allow all users to manage their notification preferences on the issue, project, and account level. Would love to hear thoughts on this one from anyone who’s got ’em.

Switching accounts

There are a few of you out there who have more than one DoneDone account profile. Well, now you don’t have two profiles. You have one. And once you’re signed in to any DoneDone account, you can toggle over to any other account you’re a part of. See that little icon next to your account’s name in the upper-left? Click it and let the magic overtake your body.

If you want to set up different emails and other info on a per-account basis, you can still do that. Just click over to Profile on any account, and you can personalize your contact info for that specific profile.


Fixers & Testers

What the heck is a Fixer! What’s with Testers? Well, here’s the thing. In v1 of DoneDone, there were only two people on an issue: the issue’s creator and the person assigned to ‘do the work’. Well, this made a lot of sadness for a lot of users. One perk, though, was that it was simple. Now, anybody can create an issue and assign both a Tester and a Fixer . If you’re like me, I assign both roles to other people which completely and utterly absolves me from any further responsibility.

Why the names? Well, it’s an issue tracker, and as such, most companies use DoneDone to do quality assurance & testing towards the tail end of a project. So, we wanted to have some very explicit titles for these roles.

What’s that?  You use it for task management during the entire project? That’s awesome. So do we. Huh? You don’t even build web apps? Also cool. We get all kinds. Publishers, construction workers, designers, medical equipment engineers, and so on. And hopefully for you all who don’t have web-guts, the titles don’t get in the way too much. If they do, what do you think they should be called?

Custom Search

In the old DoneDone, the search feature on the Project Landing page did the trick, albeit, in some incomplete ways. You couldn’t do some simple things, such as deleting erroneous searches, and it was hard to predict what your results might be because the list box half-empty half-full effect.

In the new DoneDone, the new search utility can be found on your project landing page, right under the project title:

You’ll notice we’ve populated the list with the most widely-used searches. You can also create your own by clicking “Create New Search”.  That’ll give you a nice long page of all the different criteria you may want to search by.

Once you’ve created your search, give it a name, and it’ll be saved as a custom search, accessed via the same component above. And of course, with custom searches, you can edit them or remove them via those pretty little icons next door.


Wrap up

So, this isn’t all that’s changed, but they’re a few of the big ones. If you have any questions about how anything else works, please let us know. And, of course, if you have any suggestions for how to improve any of this newness, we’re all ears.

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