DoneDone: FAQ, FYI, and WTF, Oct. 24th

In this weeks edition of FAQ, FYI, and WTF we’ll leave out the screenshots and focus on how DoneDone has been performing, what our Pre-October customers need to do before October is over, and what we’ve been up to over the past week.

If you’d like me to explain any specific features or expound on our decisions for doing X, Y, or Z, please let me know. I love words and have never hesitated to spit out thousands of them at a time. Especially when it’s in the name of issue tracking.

Weekly round up

DoneDone has broken its previous record of being used in 53 countries. Over the past week, 3 more sovereign states started pinging the app. Singapore, welcome. Laos, what’s up? Bolivia, there you are!

Overall usage of the app has steadily increased as well. We’re paying close attention to how our servers are handling things, especially on the database tier. Pretty soon, we’ll make a couple of preemptive upgrades to accommodate the growth, but so far, we’re looking pretty good.

Pre-October users, October is about over.

If you’re coming over from the old version of DoneDone, first off, thanks for sticking around. As we’ve communicated a few times via email, blog, and good ol’ shouting, if you’re in any of the paid plans, you’ll need to get your billing information entered prior to next Monday, November 1st.

You’ll be getting an automated reminder a couple of days prior. Should you forget to enter your info? No biggie, but your account will be on hold as of November 1 until you do so. It’s also possible this guy will silently protest by not bathing during that time.

Whats new since last time


The tag listing in the right-hand column has been cleaned up significantly. It’s reading left-to-right and showing the top ten used tags. You can click to view ’em all, though. Sweet.


Per some healthy requests, we added an All Files display on the right-hand column. This collects all files in the issue and also links you to the comment or amendment where they were uploaded. Boom.

Release Builds

If you use Release Builds, then you probably wish that the Previous Release Builds page linked you to a listing of all issues in that Release Build. The emails already did this, but now the app does too. This is handy so you can check progress and not have to keep track of emails.

Clicking from the Dashboard to Project Landing pages

If you link from the Dashboard page’s default view to a project landing page, DoneDone now shows only issues that are waiting on you. Before it was “All your active issues”. This new tweak will make a connection between the issue counts you see on the Dashboard and what you see by default on the project landing page. Small, but mighty.

Existing users being added to new accounts

When existing users are added to a ‘new’ DoneDone account, they get an email linking them to the new account. The language in that email wasn’t quite clear that they should sign in with their existing username and password. We cleaned this language up a bit to help with that “blank stare”. Makes sense.

What’s next?

The biggest update you’ll see this week is a new format for emails. The existing layout doesn’t read well on mobile devices. So, we’ve allowed the text to flow to 100% width of the device, which is an incredible improvement. We’ve also dramatically cleaned up the organization of emails so they read more coherently. This will help get your iPhone back in your pocket before your spouse yells at you.

Wrap up

Can’t say this enough, though you may think I have already. The feedback and responsiveness from all of you has been great. I hope it’s clear that we really want to be good at this. We’re proud of what DoneDone is today, but we’re frothing with excitement at what it can be in 6 months with your continued involvement and participation. Frothy. That sounds gross, I know.

Have a great week and thanks for using DoneDone.


Craig & the DoneDone team

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