DoneDone enhancements: Self-assignments, HTML, and a pricing change

We just released two big functional changes to DoneDone today as well as a big pricing change, mainly inspired by our users (cuz we listen!). We’ll post an alert to your account homepage when these changes take effect. Here goes….

Functional Change #1: Assigning an issue to yourself
You can now assign issues to yourself. When we launched last month, we didn’t permit this because one of the core features we wanted to expose was how DoneDone pushes an issue to the appropriate person (“Issues waiting on you v. Issues waiting on them”). We anticipated most issues would be assigned by someone and resolved by someone else.

But, we’re finding out that many of you like to assign issues to yourself. In fact, on our own client work, we’ve wanted to a few times as well and had to work around it.

So, now you can assign issues to yourself. There are a few changes to how self-assigned issues work (vs. normal issues):


  • For self-assigned issues, the statuses “Not an issue”, “Not reproducible”, and “Missing information” are gone. It doesn’t make sense to have those available if you created the bug for yourself.
  • If a project has release builds enabled, you can set a self-assigned issue to “Fixed for next release.” Basically, this is the same as “Ready for next release” with the caveat that, once the release build is done, that issue is automatically closed (since you’re the one testing the issue).
  • You will not receive email updates on the issue (i.e. you won’t get an email saying you changed the priority of the issue since you’re the one doing it). You can, however, still add comments to the issue and have those emailed to you.
  • Finally, all self-assigned issues will always be in your “Issues waiting on you” bucket, until you’ve pushed it into the next release or closed it. In other words, you won’t ever have a self-assigned issue in the “Issues waiting on them” bucket.

Functional Change #2: HTML tags in issue descriptions and comments
You can now type in HTML tags into an issue’s description and comments box. They’ll always display as actual HTML source code on the issue detail page and in emails. Really handy for describing code bugs to someone.

Pricing Change: Things just got cheaper…
We’re restructuring our pricing plan. Before today, you paid $24/month for your first project, and then $5/month for each additional project.

Now, you’ll pay $15/month for up to three projects, and just $2/month for each additional project. The most you’ll ever pay is $99/month (which comes out to 45 projects). You can add on more than 45 projects…but we won’t charge you. Here’s an infographic:

Why the change? Much more detail here.

All existing accounts will be automatically converted to the new plan on your next invoice in June.

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