The new DoneDone: the dashboard

The new DoneDone release is right around the corner on October 1st. Between now and then, we’ll be sharing some newness here starting with what we call the big three: the dashboard, the project landing page, and the issue detail.

If you’re new to the new DoneDone, get caught up here. And, if you can’t wait until October 1st to try it out, sign up for a test DoneDone account.

The dashboard

Out with the old

In the old DoneDone, the first thing a user is presented with is a long list of projects, some of which are active, some of which aren’t, all of which present too much irrelevant information.

Image of current DoneDone dashboard
The current DoneDone dashboard

In with the new

In the new DoneDone, we’ve cooled things off a bit. We’ve created two views: Your Active Projects, and All Projects. Your Active Projects only shows you projects with issues you’re participating in. For project managers, All Projects gives you a birds-eye view across all active DoneDone projects, regardless of whether you’re participating as a tester or a fixer.

Screenshot of dashboard for new DoneDone
A glimpse into the future

We cleaned up the amount of information you’re getting, too. Less pertinent data like ‘total closed issues’ and ‘total issues’ have been removed. We’ve also done away with the ‘waiting on you/them’ indication, as that’s information you can drill down for in the individual projects.

Recent activity

Finally, we’ve added a recent activity feature to the dashboard, which polls all active projects and provides a snapshot of the teams most recent activity. This gives better context into the activity, rather than just a binary ‘something has changed’.

DoneDone recent activity screenshot
View recent activity across active projects

Wrap up

The dashboard is a jump page, not a destination. So the new design works to give you a quick idea of what’s new, and where you need to head next. Onwards!

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