DoneDone and TestLodge: Bug tracking made simpler

Over here at DoneDone, we’ve been working behind the scenes to improve our tool and make it easier for teams to be productive and get more done.

We’ve recently completed an integration with TestLodge, a popular online test management tool that allows you and your QA team to collaboratively manage automated test plans, requirements, test suites, and more.

Now whenever an automated test fails in TestLodge, it automatically creates a ticket for you inside DoneDone so that you and your team can run through the bug tracking process flow squash bugs and stay productive.

Thanks to this new integration, teams will appreciate the following functionality:

  • Details such as assignee, tag, and priority can be set for the task directly in TestLodge, which will carry over into your DoneDone account and straight onto the bug tracking ticket.
  • You can assign existing DoneDone tasks to a test from directly within TestLodge
  • A task Status can be pulled back into TestLodge, allowing a tester to easily see the status of all failed tests
  • A task’s status can be updated directly from TestLodge when verifying any fixes

Two perfectly matched tools

Simplify your bug tracking workflow with DoneDone and TestLodge. Sign up for a free, no-obligation trial of DoneDone today and start squashing bugs!


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