DoneDone: Accounts & Billing release

The new DoneDone has been out for two weeks now, and we’ll be posting a new release tonight, October 14th at about 8:00 pm CST. We expect there to be a maximum of 2 hours downtime. We will notify everyone that we’re back online via Twitter, @getdonedone.

The new release will have all account functionality enabled. So, you’ll be able to see which plan you fit into, enter payment details, cancel your account, and, ultimately, view payment history.

Don’t reach for the wallet quite yet. Everyone still has the rest of October to use DoneDone for free. If you signed up after October 1st, your 30-day trial will still be active. Of course, if you’d like to get your billing info entered and approved, go right ahead and that’ll ensure your account isn’t suspended on November 1st.

Some Specifics

All customers who signed up prior to October 1st

You’ll need to re-enter your billing information anytime prior to November 1st. On November 1st, if you still haven’t entered your billing details, your account will be suspended and no users will be able to sign in until you do so. You’ll receive an email reminder to enter your billing info on or around October 21st.

Customers who signed up for a paid-plan on or after October 1st

You’ll continue to have free access to DoneDone until your 30-day trial is up. At that time, you’ll be prompted to enter your credit card information. You’ll receive an email reminder to enter your billing info approximately 10 days before your trial is up.

All customers who signed up for the Moonlighter plan

So long as your account has 3 or fewer active users, you will not need to pay to use DoneDone after November 1st. Of course, if you and your entire company have fallen madly in love with the app, your account may fall into one of the 4 paid-plans in which case you’ll be prompted to enter in your billing information at the end of your initial 30 days of free use.

Your plan may have changed

It’s possible that your account now fits into a different plan than you originally signed up for. For example, if you signed up for Max, but only have 4 users, you’ll be placed into the Basic plan. Beginning November 1st, though, accounts will no longer move automatically between plans. You’ll be notified when you need to upgrade to the next tier. Likewise, you can always make a few users inactive if you’d like to move your account to a smaller plan.

What’s on the horizon?

Once we get this account functionality out the door, we’ll be fine-tuning user experiences across the entire application. Longer term, there are a few ideas we have. Additional languages, integration with version control systems (Bitbucket, etc.), public projects, and a few others. Where would you like to see DoneDone excel in the next few months?

We’re here

We’ve got a whole lot of new users and we’ve got a whole lot of users who made the transition over from the old DoneDone. Everyone has had great questions and feedback thus far. Please, continue to let us know your thoughts. Your feedback really does help.


The DoneDone team

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