DoneDone 2 is coming soon! A sneak peek at our new product.

DoneDone 2 is coming soon! A sneak peek at our new product.

Since early 2018, we’ve been working on some major updates to DoneDone. There were so many good changes happening that, by the summer, we decided to introduce these updates as a brand new product.

Taking all of your most common requests, we’ve combined it with a new vision of not just what we want DoneDone to be, but more importantly, how we want DoneDone to help your growing business.

We’re calling it DoneDone 2. And it’s right around the corner! The existing version of DoneDone will hereafter be referred to as DoneDone Classic. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere.

In DoneDone 2, we’ve taken only the best parts of Classic and added many of the most highly requested features from you. Whereas DoneDone Classic is mainly geared toward tracking and resolving software issues, we think DoneDone 2 has a wider reach across various places of your business.

What’s DoneDone 2 like? Here’s a sneak peek at some of what’s new.

A fully-redesigned user experience

DoneDone 2’s design will look significantly different, yet DoneDone Classic users will find it familiar. For instance, our new dashboard gives you a snapshot of your upcoming deadlines and current activity.

The new global dashboard in DoneDone. Wait, what’s a mailbox? Keep reading…

Customize your statuses with Workflows

Just about every other week, someone’s written in asking us how they can add or update the names of statuses in DoneDone Classic’s workflow. Every time, we’d have to write back saying it wasn’t something we offered. We got really tired of saying that. You got really tired of hearing that.

For DoneDone 2, we’ve added a new feature called Workflows. A workflow is a group of statuses — named, ordered, and even colored however you want. You can customize which statuses flow to other statuses and decide which ones are considered active or inactive. Every account comes with a small set of built-in workflows, including the bug tracking workflow you’re already accustomed to.

Customize your status options (and even the colors!) with Workflows
Customize your status options (and even the colors!) with Workflows

By letting you customize your own statuses, you can use DoneDone 2 for almost every corner of your business.

Launching your new website? Managing a company event? Planning your wedding? (Yes, we’ve had customers do this with Classic 😃) DoneDone 2 is a great fit for all of this.

Mailboxes: Our answer to customer communication.

If you’re a DoneDone Classic user, you probably know about Public Issues. In 2013, we began offering it as an extension to your issue tracker to handle customer support. We’re pleasantly surprised at how many companies are relying on it to manage their customer emails.

In DoneDone 2, we want to make communicating with your customers a core feature, not just an extension. That’s what Mailboxes are for. Here are a few common ways you might use Mailboxes:

  • Route your customer support address to a Mailbox and use our built-in customer support workflow to delegate work and manage requests.
  • Route your job application emails to a Mailbox and use our built-in hiring workflow to move candidates through the hiring process.
  • Build your own mailbox workflow to handle any other kind of email communication with your customers — new product launch feedback, sales inquiries, and so forth.
A customer emails into a Mailbox and a new conversation begins.
A customer emails into a Mailbox and a new conversation begins.

Mailboxes are a complete focus on customer communication, with a bunch of helpful tools that will greatly improve the customer experience. Here are a few other things you can do with mailboxes:

  • Create Saved Replies so you can quickly respond to your customers’ most common questions.
  • Enable an Auto-Responder that sends an auto-response to customers writing in.
  • Set up Office Hours to initiate auto-responses only when your office is closed.
 Set up an auto-response message to send to customers emailing when your team isn't working.

Set up an auto-response message to send to customers emailing when your team isn’t working.

This is just a taste of what DoneDone 2 has to offer. There are a few other tricks up our sleeve, like vastly-improved activity and reporting views. But, we’ll start revealing those (and more) as we get closer to our official release date.

When will DoneDone 2 be available?

We’re currently beta testing a version of the app which we plan to release in a few weeks. In the meantime, keep your eyes on our blog. We’ll be releasing in-depth examples of how you can use DoneDone 2 to make your bug tracking, task management, and customer support activities simpler than ever.

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