DoneDone 10/6/2011 Public Release

Oh, well hi there. Guess you’re wondering what we did all day Thursday? Without adoing any further … Markdown, little tiny graphics, DB tuning, and more … 

Text formatting with Markdown (or not)

There’s been a few questions about how Markdown renders older content, but also a few issues with how it renders ‘new’ content. The following updates apply to the issue description and comment text input fields.

  • Autolinking URL’s – there was a bit of bug-ness with urls being turned automatically into hyperlinks. Now, URL’s with query strings will render properly ( We’ve also patched up underscores in urls, and those should also render properly now.
  • We added in a formatting guide. If you click “preview” underneath the text input box, on the lower right, you’ll see a link to the guide which will help you use Markdown.
  • Note that: Blockquotes and Code formatting are included in Markdown as of last night. See the formatting guide for info on how to use these slick features.

The smallest big update yet

Yes, this how you access Custom Search from the Project Landing page. An admittedly shy feature before, this little-tiny graphic stepped in to help users know they’re just a click away from slicing and dicing their data.

The database genie visited

His name is Mustafa Shabib. And he worked on some of the larger queries in DoneDone today as part of an ongoing effort to speed up performance. We’ll be doing this quite a lot over the next several weeks. So you’re aware, this type of work really, really makes him smile.

Comment numbers

Since Wednesday’s build, you’ll notice that comments and issue updates have their beloved number next to them again. A popular feature we didn’t realize would be missed so much, it’s back, now with hot-permalink action too!


Wrap up

We’ve also been cranking on our next big release, which will be accounts and plan pages. If you’ll recall, these are due to be wired up and released on October 15th. Between now and then, we’ll be continuing to make these small, incremental updates to the UI and database. Small steps, but solid ones. As always, please send some feedback, questions, or issues to us. We’re here. Seriously.

– The DoneDone team

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