DoneDone 10/4/2011 Public Release

Today == less twitter, more emails, more support and more comprehensive updates from the guys. Without further ado, here’s a list of what is hot and fresh per a few moments ago. Tonight’s build to production includes …

Tagging feature update

Tags are now automatically lower-cased when created. Previously, if you entered “isSue” and “issue”, it would create 2 distinct tags. Note: all old tags with case-ignorance will remain.

CSV output

There was some bugginess with a few special characters in the CSV output feature. We’ve addressed most of these issues, but have not spent any time on non-english characters, so there may be a few remaining problems in non-english descriptions.

Added numbers to issue comments/history (not complete, but better)

Back by popular demand, we added  a (quickly designed) numerical value next to each update in the Issue Activity area. So, each comment, status change, etc. is now noted with both a number and permalink.

Where the $*&# are my issue auto-links in comments and descriptions?

We got this back in today. We’d left this out initially because of the Markdown addition. It’s really helpful though, so it’s back baby. If you type #333 into a comment or issue description, it will automatically create a link to that issue page. Longer term, we’ll likely add additional shorthand for linking to directly to comments and issue updates in the Issue Activity area. That’ll look something like “#333.7”, where the “.7” refers to the 7th update to an issue.

Markdown improvements

There were a few issues sent in regarding adding clear text urls, underscores, and other strangeness w/ Markdown. We spent some time some massaging our implementation of Markdown.

  • #xxx syntax working again (as noted above) to link to issues. You’ll note that using the # sign for headers still works well. 
  • You can copy and paste URLs directly into comments and descriptions, and they’ll link up. 
  • If you have a URL with an underscore (“_”) it won’t make the world explode. It’ll just work. 
  • We also enabled Blockquotes. NOTE: there is no styling as of yet, but we’ll get that up soon. 

That it?

For today it is, yep. Tomorrow is just like today, though, just more like Wednesday. You have questions? Please head over to and choose a way to get in touch. Or just leave a comment here. Twitter is nice too (

Have a lovely slumber. Or, have a lovely breakfast. And as always, it’s about time for cookies  in Melbourne. Got milk?

-The DoneDone team

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