Deleting issues, importing with a CSV, and more admin control with DoneDone

We have some updates coming up for DoneDone in the next release. While we don’t have a firm date set yet, it will very likely be within the next two weeks. Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far.

Deleting issues (for good)
For a long time now, we’ve been telling you to simply close issues to get rid of them. But, many of you have requested a true delete of an issue. In the next release, every person can permanently delete issues they’ve created (administrators can delete anyone’s issues). Deleting issues will remove them from DoneDone for good. They won’t show up in status reports or the “closed” issues bucket.

Here’s what the issues page will look like with the new “delete” button. We’re still tinkering with its location…

(Thanks to Kevin and Gian for formalizing the request in our forums)

Importing issues
Note: The DoneDone Importer can now be found at

Many of you have requested a better way to transfer issues from another bug tracker into DoneDone. In the next release, we’ll allow you to bulk load issues for a given project by uploading a CSV. You’ll be required to provide a column for title, creator email address, and resolver email address, as well as optionally include columns for description, create date, and priority level. Each row in your CSV will be converted to a new issue in DoneDone.

DoneDone will parse each row of your CSV file and add an issue. If something is wrong with a particular row (i.e. we couldn’t match an email address to a person assigned to the project, required fields weren’t provided, etc.) DoneDone will skip that row and move to the next one. At the end, you’ll see a full report of which rows were successfully inserted as issues as well as which rows had problems.

CSV import results will show what issues were uploaded and what issues couldn’t be uploaded.

More power to administrators

Our final big change is to allow administrators more control over issues. Currently, admins can modify titles and descriptions of any issue and create issues on behalf of someone else. Many of you want more control as admins. In the next release, admins will be able to:

  • Re-assign an issue to someone else
  • Close any issues
  • Change priority levels

We may consider more options for admins, but we’ll start with these for the next release.

Finally, a special thanks to you
All of these updates were made because of the consistent feedback we’ve been getting from our loyal customers. We take great pride in keeping DoneDone lean on features and ensuring only the ones that make sense get into the app. Even something as simple as deleting an issue is something we agonize over – not because it’s hard to do, but because we want to make sure there’s a good reason to do it.

We’ll update you as soon as we’ve finalized testing these new features and can update all DoneDone accounts.

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