Creating and Updating Issues Via Email

Sometimes you don’t want to bother with opening a new application or browser tab to make a quick update to your issues and bugs. Luckily, DoneDone makes it easy to create and update issues directly from your inbox.

Creating issues via email

First, you’ll need your DoneDone project’s unique email address. You can find this by visiting your project’s dashboard, then navigating to Project Settings.

Project Settings is available inside the Manage Project dropdown
Project Settings is available inside the Manage Project dropdown

Locate the Create Issues via Email section to find your project’s email address.  This will be in the format:

Next, open your email client and start composing a new email to your project email address. Use the following guide to create your message:

  • Email subject field: Enter the new issue’s title here.
  • First line of email body: Email address of the user who should be assigned as Fixer.  The user must have a DoneDone account with access to the project.
  • Second line: Priority of the issue (Low, Medium, High, or Critical).
  • Remaining lines: Description of the issue.

Updating existing issues via email

Each time an update is made to one of your issues, you’ll receive an email notification. Simply reply to this email to add a comment. Plus, if you add attachments, they’ll automatically be added to the original issue in DoneDone.

Don’t be a stranger

If you’re a fan of managing your work with your inbox, do the same with us and send us an email! You can also see what we’re up to on Twitter (@getdonedone).

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