Clarifying DoneDone's Issue Workflow

DoneDone features a simple workflow designed to move issues from Open to Fixed. Our workflow manages which new statuses are available based on the issue’s current state and the user’s role. For example, if the Fixer has flagged an issue as Not Reproducible, the Tester will only be able to select Pushed Back (providing steps for how to reproduce the issue) or Closed (if she agrees it is no longer reproducible).

However, it’s not always clear which status you should choose for a given situation, particularly for a new DoneDone user. Labels like “Pushed Back” and “On Hold” can mean very similar things, after all.

So we’ve made a few updates to DoneDone that should make it much easier to choose a new status, and to ensure that each user knows exactly what’s waiting on them.

New Steps for Not an Issue, Not Reproducible, and Missing Information

When an issue is marked as Not an Issue, the Tester sees a button for each available action. The Tester either responds back to the Fixer’s request or agrees that it isn’t an issue and closes it. The same pattern is true for Not Reproducible or Missing Information. Previously, the Tester had to click the “Change Status” tab and find the appropriate status from a dropdown list.

If an issue is Not Reproducible, the Tester can quickly push it back or close it.
If an issue is Not Reproducible, the Tester can quickly push it back or close it.

We’ve found this prevents a Tester from simply commenting without actually changing the status. Now the Tester can provide the necessary details and push it back to the Fixer, or close the issue entirely.

Quick help for issue statuses

We’ve also added a helpful guide to the Change Status dropdown lists available throughout DoneDone. Simply click the help icon next to the dropdown to see a full list of the available statuses, along with detailed descriptions of each option.

We hope these updates will help you and your team manage your issues even more efficiently. Please send us any feedback or suggestions via email or Twitter, and thanks for using DoneDone!

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