New feature: @mentions!

One of the most frequent requests we’ve received over the past year is to make it easier to loop people in on issues. Up until now, you could only do this via the “Notify these people of issue updates” dropdown field when creating an issue or the “Manage who is notified” dropdown within an issue page:

old way
Up until today, you could only loop people in by adding them as cc’d users when updating an issue.

We wanted to make this experience less cumbersome. So, today, we’re excited to announce the release of @mentions.

Like many other tools you probably use, @mentions let you loop in team members while you write a description or comment. Just start a word with the @ sign, begin typing the name of a person assigned to that project, and you’ll be able to bring them into the conversation.

Note: Whenever you @mention someone on your team within a specific issue, they will be automatically cc’d onto the issue going forward, just as if you’d selected them from the “Manage who is notified” dropdown.

at-mention sample
Hit the @ key when writing your descriptions or adding a comment to mention another team member.
Highlight sample
Your username will be highlighted on any comments you’re mentioned in.

This feature is now available whenever you:

  • Create an issue — @mention members in the Description field.
  • Edit an issue — @mention members in the Description or Comment field.
  • Add a comment — @mention members in the Comment field.
  • Update the issue’s status, priority, fixer, or tester — @mention members in the Comment field.

We’ve also added @mentioning whenever you:

  • Bulk edit issues — @mention members in the bulk Comment.
  • Create a release build — @mention members in the Email Description field.

In the two cases above, however, users will not be automatically cc’d on every issue being edited or in a release build going forward. They will simply receive a one-time email notification on the update.

Here’s a quick demo of how it looks:


We hope this update makes your issue tracking time even more efficient! And, as always, you can reach us on our support page or via Twitter with any questions or comments.

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