Almost Done with DoneDone.

In a few short weeks, We Are Mammoth will be launching its first product, DoneDone.

I’ve talked about it in three previous blog posts, under the code name BugSpray. DoneDone is a straightforward issue tracking tool. Rather than pounding you over the head with all sorts of customization and filters, DoneDone focuses on people. What issues are waiting on you and what needs to happen next? That’s what DoneDone really cares about.

The issue/bug tracking tools we’ve use do just the opposite. It’s all about the issues themselves, not about who needs to do what. But, if you’ve gotten down to the last few weeks, days, and hours of a project, that’s what really matters.

DoneDone doesn’t tell you there’s 12 high-priority bugs that are in progress. It tells you that 4 of them need your input right now and 8 of them don’t. DoneDone acts as a mediator between people fixing issues and people assigning issues. It does the extra leg work of delegating responsibility while an issue is in progress to keep things moving. It keeps issues from getting stale.

DoneDone will not look like this. If you want your issue tracking tool to look like this, go buy it here.

DoneDone’s second achievement is a super-simple interface. It won’t look like most issue trackers you’ve seen. It won’t be littered with dropdowns and text fields. It will look elegant, and behave elegantly. It will show you what’s happened since the last time you viewed an issue. It will let you bundle up fixed issues into a release build, which you can coordinate with your own software release builds. Everything about it focuses on people fixing and resolving issues, not just the issues themselves.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting a few more in-depth articles about DoneDone. We hope you’ll stay tuned.

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