‘All’ your work and other improvements

Since releasing the latest product edition of DoneDone last spring, we’re happy to see it helping businesses across industries; from digital agencies, to agriculture, media outlets, property managers and everything in between. With such a wide range of teams using DoneDone, we’ve received some great feedback from our customers. We’ve spent time digesting these insights and have incorporated that feedback directly into our next release.

We’ve already shared the latest DoneDone experience with a limited group of customers to gather some early feedback. Now we’re excited to share it with all of our customers in an open beta.

See All your work more easily

A commonly recurring request from our customers was that they’d like to be able to view all their work, or that of their team’s, across the entire account regardless of what Project or Mailbox it belonged to. This was especially important for project managers and other team leads.

In addition to accessing your Projects and Mailboxes from the Home dashboard, you can now see everything across the entire account from the All section. We’ve also connected it to What’s on Your Plate so that you can see your individual upcoming due work in just a click.

From the All section, you’ll be able to filter work by assignee, priority, tag and due date. It’s a great way to step through all of your team’s work and keep track of your own.

See all of you active tasks and conversations across the entire account.
See all of your active tasks and conversations across the entire account.

Improving what you already use every day

While the all section may be the largest single addition in this release, we’ve also made a number of incremental experience improvements to the parts of DoneDone you’re already using on a daily basis.

Getting more out of Home

We wanted to help you find your Projects & Mailboxes more easily. You’ll now be able to view them as a list in addition to the cards you’re already familiar with. Filtering by name helps you find what you’re looking for more quickly.

What’s on Your Plate is also a quick way to jump to all of your upcoming due tasks and conversations.

More easily find a specific project or mailbox. Jump to anything that's almost due.

Refinements to Tasks and Conversations

It’s now even easier to make updates in a snap whether that’s updating your task’s description or changing its status or priority. By moving the experience to the main page column, we’ve created a cleaner look that helps you focus on what’s most important.

We’ve introduced some smaller feature additions that you’ve all asked for. You can now step through things without needing to return to your task or conversation list. Attachments are accessible at the top of every page detail and you can now attach files by dragging and dropping on a comment or reply.

Refined design helps you navigate between items and find your attachments more easily.

When creating a new task or conversation, you can immediately create another in just one click. This helps you submit more feedback more quickly with your team and stakeholders.

Refined design helps you navigate between items and find your attachments more easily.

Greater visibility and flexibility within Projects and Mailboxes

Our goal was to help you navigate your Projects and Mailboxes more easily and have more insight into ongoing work without the need of drilling down into any particular Task or Conversation. That’s why you’re now able to jump to any Project or Mailbox you have access to without needing to go back to Home first. Just click on the arrow and find the Project or Mailbox you’d like to jump to. Typing in the first few letters of its name helps you find it more quickly.

Quickly jump to any other project or mailbox.

We’ve also surfaced due dates in the list view so that you can immediately see what has a due date and which are soon to be due or already overdue. No need to drill into a specific task just to see when it’s due.

Overdue deadlines are colored in red with upcoming deadlines in yellow. Due dates further in the future are simply grey.

Due dates are now surfaced on all of your lists.

What to expect during open beta

This release should work well across both desktop and mobile devices. As we’re still in beta, you may encounter a bug here and there. In the unlikely event that it interferes with your work, you can always switch to the current stable release by selecting switch to current from your user dropdown menu. And of course you can switch back to beta at any time following the same process.

We’d love to hear what you think about these updates. Please share any feedback or bug reports to support@donedone.com.

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