A Sneak Preview of DoneDone's Upcoming Feature: Workflow Jobs

As a project manager, you understand how important it is to keep things running smoothly. And when you're managing a team of developers, designers, and other contributors, that can be a real challenge. Fortunately, DoneDone is here to help.

With the upcoming feature called Workflow Jobs, you'll be able to automate the process of reassigning tickets based on their status, saving you time and hassle. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Workflow Jobs and show you how it can make a big difference for your team.

The idea behind Workflow Jobs is simple: when a ticket's status changes, it should be reassigned to the right person automatically. With Workflow Jobs, you can create custom jobs that correspond to each status in your workflow.

If you're a DoneDone Classic user, you'll already be familiar with Tester and Fixer jobs, but Workflow Jobs takes it to the next level by allowing you to create any type of job you need.

This is a big deal for teams that collaborate on tickets, as it can be hard to keep track of who's responsible for what at any given time. Workflow Jobs takes the guesswork out of that process, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when, without having to rely on emails or meetings.

Watch this video for a early look at Workflow Jobs in action. 👇📺

Another great thing about Workflow Jobs is that it works with DoneDone's kanban boards, too. If you move a card between status columns, Workflow Jobs will automatically reassign it to the appropriate job member. This means that you can manage your workflow seamlessly, without having to worry about manually reassigning tickets to different people.

If you're a project manager, scrum master, developer, or product owner who's looking for a better way to manage your team's workload, you owe it to yourself to check out Workflow Jobs from DoneDone once released.

This upcoming feature promises to make your life easier by automating the process of reassigning tickets based on their status, saving you time and hassle.  

Stay tuned for more information on the release date and details on how to get started with Workflow Jobs.

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