3 Updates from DoneDone: Auto-Refreshing, Customer Name Editing, and Filtering by Reference Number

DoneDone has just released 3 updates that have been favorites on our product roadmap.

  • DoneDone now auto-refreshes so new tasks and conversations are automatically updated in the app. You'll never have to refresh your browser again.
  • Now, any Admin or Owner can update a customer's name directly from their customer conversations.
  • Finally, you can now filter by ticket # in addition to its title from any ticket list.

Watch this video to see Ka Wai walk you through these updates.

These features have been among the most popular requests from DoneDone users and we're excited to finally bring them to you. Read on for more details about each update.


When you're viewing any ticket list, DoneDone will now automatically update the list with any new tickets or changes to existing tickets. This way, you'll always have the most up-to-date tickets without having to manually refresh your browser.

Auto-refresh works slightly differently once you're in a ticket. DoneDone will prompt you that unseen changes have occurred and ask if you'd like to refresh. This way, you won't lose your place if you're in the middle of writing a comment or making changes to a ticket.

Editing a Customer's Name

Previously, DoneDone used the customer's name directly from their email as is common in many email clients.

Now, any DoneDone Admin or Owner can directly edit a customer's name from their customer conversations. This way, you can ensure that your team is always using the preferred name for your customers.

Filtering by Ticket #

In addition to filtering tickets by their title, you can now also filter them by their ticket # once you're in a project or mailbox. This can be helpful if you need to quickly find a specific ticket but can't remember its title.

Keep in mind when you're filtering by reference number, the other filters you've selected still apply.  So if you're filtering by ticket # and active tickets, DoneDone will only show you tickets that match both criteria.

For example, if you'd like to find a ticket regardless of its status, make sure you have the Everything filter selected.

We hope you enjoy these new updates! As always, let us know what you think in our Facebook group or by emailing us at support@donedone.com.

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