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Adding and Removing People from a Mailbox or Project

Note: Parts of this feature are only accessible to Account Admins and Owners only.
Note: This feature is only accessible to Account Owners only.

There are three ways you can manage people in a Mailbox or Project.

Quick Add & Invite

If you're on the Dashboard or in a Mailbox/Project home screen, you can quickly add new members from the "Quick add/invite" option:

Quick add/invite from the Dashboard
Quick add/invite from the Mailbox/Project home screen

Add existing members by searching for them by name or email. If you'd like to invite someone new, simply type in their email and then click the "Invite" button. They will automatically be added to the Mailbox or Project as a "Normal" user (see Account Roles).

Add/Remove People Section

A second way to manage folks is to click the "More" dropdown from within the Mailbox or Project home screen, then choose Add/Remove People.

On the resulting screen, you can...

  • Add or remove existing members by clicking the button to the right of someone's name.
  • Add members by searching for them by name or email.
  • Invite people not yet in the account to the Mailbox or Project from the form at the bottom. This includes selecting their company and account role.

Person Detail page

You can also manage an individual person's access to all Mailboxes and Projects by going to their detail page in the People section.

Ka Wai Cheung
Last updated: 
April 15, 2021