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Plans, Pricing, and Billing

Note: Parts of this feature are only accessible to Account Admins and Owners only.
Note: This feature is only accessible to Account Owners only.

Your recurring bill is based on the number of users who are members of at least one Project or Mailbox.

If someone is in your account who doesn't belong to a Project or Mailbox, we won't charge you for them.

Collaborate Users

Anyone who is assigned to at least one Project (but not to a Mailbox) is a Collaborate user. Pricing is $4/user/month if paid annually and $5/user/month if paid monthly.

Outreach Users

Anyone who is assigned to at least one Mailbox is an Outreach user. Pricing is $8/user/ month if paid annually and $10/user/month if paid monthly.

Monthly or Annual Billing Terms

  • You have the option of choosing to be billed monthly or annually.  Choose annual billing for the best pricing.
  • You always have the option to change your billing term but it doesn't take effect until your current term is over.
  • If you cancel before your term is over, we will not refund the remaining unused service. For example if you cancel 3 months into an Annual term, we will not refund the remaining 9 months.

Prorations and Credits

At the start of your next billing term (either monthly or annually), DoneDone calculates the number of Collaborate and Outreach users you have and bills you accordingly.

During the billing cycle, you can add or remove as many users as you'd like. When you do so, DoneDone will re-calculate the number of users you have and prorate your bill. If you've added users, you will be billed a prorated amount for those users between the current date and the end of the billing cycle.

Likewise, if you remove users, you will be credited the prorated amount for the time the user did not user during the period.

Credits are applied to the next billing cycle.

Michael Sanders
Last updated: 
April 15, 2021