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Controlling Spam

Note: Parts of this feature are only accessible to Account Admins and Owners only.
Note: This feature is only accessible to Account Owners only.

While your email service is your first layer of protection from unwanted email forwarding into your Mailbox, DoneDone offers another layer of defense to help you and your team stay focused on important emails from your customers.

This help doc will walk you through how to control spam in DoneDone.

How to mark conversations as spam

There are a few ways to let DoneDone know which mailbox conversations should be considered spam. Once a conversation is marked as spam, it will not appear in any other mailbox filter, the all "Conversations" section, or Reports. It will only be available from the mailbox's spam filter.

Spam conversations will only be available from its mailbox's spam filter

There are a few different ways you can mark one or more conversations as spam in DoneDone.

From within a conversation

Once you're inside of a conversation, you can mark it as spam by selecting spam from the '...' menu.

Once within a conversation, select spam from the menu

From a within a mailbox

After you've navigated to a mailbox, you can mark multiple conversations as spam at once.

Select the conversations you'd like to mark as spam and then click "Spam" from above your conversation list.

Select multiple conversations and the click spam

Automatic detection due to suspicious content

Conversations that contain suspicious content will automatically be marked as spam. This is based on spam detection measures we have within our email servers.

Removing conversations from spam

If a conversation has been marked as spam, you can always remove it using a familiar experience.

In so doing, the original email address sender of an email that was automatically detected as potential spam will be bypassed in the future. For example, if an email from was marked as spam by our automatic detection, upon removing it from spam, we will automatically treat future emails from as legitimate emails.

Restore spam from a conversation

View a conversation from the spam filter

Bulk-restoring spam from the spam filter

From within a mailbox's spam filter
Note: You can toggle spam filtering entirely for a mailbox by updating its conversation rules.
Michael Sanders
Last updated: 
November 17, 2021