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Introduction to Calendar

Note: Parts of this feature are only accessible to Account Admins and Owners only.
Note: This feature is only accessible to Account Owners only.

The Calendar provides an in-depth look at what actions are happening in your account today, in the past, and in the future. To get there, simply click on Calendar in the upper left-hand corner of your dashboard.

Calendar, Deadlines & Activity

Once there, you will see a calendar icon, filter options, and a news feed broken out into two main categories: Deadlines and Activity.

The calendar on the upper left-hand side allows you to select and view any day of the year - past and future. This can be helpful when you want to see what deadlines are coming up or see what activity occurred on a given day in the past. When you first click into your calendar though, it will always automatically display today's information.

Deadlines appear at the top of your feed, and includes both your deadlines and deadlines for anyone else in your account. You'll also notice that deadlines are highlighted and marked with a small orange dot. When you see this dot in the calendar, you'll know that there's a conversation or task due that day.

The second piece of information in the feed is Activity. Activity includes things such as comments, status changes, new mailboxes/projects, new tasks/conversations, and assignee changes. Everything is timestamped and also displays the name of the task or conversation for your reference along with the team member that made the update. You will only see deadlines and activity for projects and mailboxes you are assigned to.


Understandably, you may not want to see every action taken by every person in your account all the time. Alternatively, you may want to just view one person in order to gain insight into their progress or activities on a specific day. Luckily, you have the option to filter out unwanted details for a clearer view.

In the filter section on the lower left-hand side, you can filter your calendar by Mailbox, Project, or choose to view All.

You can stop there, or continue filtering by a specific person or multiple people. Simply select their names from the drop down menu, which is organized by company for easier sorting.

You will now only see the deadlines and activity of the people selected within the specific mailbox or project.

Want to clear out a filter and get back to seeing everything? Just hit reset and it will default back to showing All activity by Anyone.

Marcie Garcia
Last updated: 
April 15, 2021