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Cancelling your Subscription

Note: Parts of this feature are only accessible to Account Admins and Owners only.
Note: This feature is only accessible to Account Owners only.

If you'd like to cancel your subscription, you can choose to either cancel it immediately or at the end of your current billing period. Here's how:

  • Sign in to DoneDone.
  • Click the dropdown arrow on the upper-right, then click on Account & Billing from the menu.
  • On the side navigation, click on Billing Information.
  • Next, click on Current Subscription.

To cancel at the end of the period...

  • At the top of the page, choose the "Cancel the subscription on..." option.
  • Then hit Update Subscription. At this point, your subscription will be automatically cancelled at the end of your current billing period and we will not invoice you again.

To cancel immediately...

  • At the bottom of the page, check the confirmation box. You can optionally give us the reason you are cancelling your account. Your feedback is really helpful to us!
  • Finally, click Cancel & Delete My Account.

Remember, once you cancel your account, you cannot re-activate it again, and all data within your account will be marked for deletion. Also, we do not offer any refunds or partial credits for time remaining on your account.

Ka Wai Cheung
Last updated: 
April 15, 2021