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“So... who was working on that again?”

Like many great tools, DoneDone was born out of a personal need. Ten years ago, we found ourselves searching for an issue tracker for managing client work at our formerly co-owned digital agency. Unable to find the right one, we began writing our own software and developed it over time. We officially launched DoneDone in 2009.

Since then, one key differentiator continues to keep loyal customers around and sets us apart from the competition:


Instead of offering the most features, DoneDone offers what we believe are the most important features in a simple, accessible way. If you can use email, you can use DoneDone, and that’s something many of our clients appreciate.

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Staying small, as a service.

We’re a lean team and that’s how we like it. We don’t have investors or shareholders and we’re not seeking funding. It’s because of our size that we’re able to stay nimble, flexible, and independent. When someone reaches out to us for support, we’re the ones responding, and we believe this makes our service better and keeps our customers satisfied.


While we plan to stay small, we see big opportunity for DoneDone to help more people.

Most of our customers are digital agencies and web shops, but what we offer is valuable to any business with an online presence and customers. As we continue making improvements, we hope to demonstrate what a tool like DoneDone can do for a business like yours.

Meet the Co-Founders

Ka Wai Cheung

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Ka Wai Cheung

“Having the restraint to stay simple and small is more important today than it's ever been before.”

Growing up, Ka Wai figured he’d probably go to medical school at some point. Instead, he carved out his own unique career path mixing creativity and technology through software. After working as a developer at a few different Chicago-area startups, he co-founded We Are Mammoth, where he began to develop DoneDone. As he puts it, “My whole history is going off on my own or starting something with a small group of people I trust.” Ka Wai now lives in San Francisco with his wife and two kids.

On a sunny weekend, you might find Ka Wai jogging the hills of San Francisco.

In 2012, Ka Wai published a book on software development -
The Developer’s Code

Michael Sanders

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Michael Sanders

“When all is said and done, we’d like DoneDone to have been a product and company that made people happier by simplifying their work and ultimately their lives. It’s as simple as that.”

Michael always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, someone who builds things. After studying interactive media and business management in Chicago, Mike worked in and learned from a number of different industries — a streaming media company, an educational startup, various ad agencies — before co-founding We Are Mammoth. He now oversees all things business and product for DoneDone in Austin, where he lives with his pit bull rescue, Duke.

He works most days from his home and always makes eggs. Always.

He enjoys traveling and working from new places across the world.

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