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Updates to DoneDone Beta

Late Friday afternoon, we released a series of refinements to the DoneDone Beta. The updates are based on your feedback (thanks!), our own team’s thoughts, and just plain common sense.

Oh, if you’d like Beta access then, well, click your name in the upper-right hand corner of DoneDone, then click “View Profile”. Scroll about half-way down the page, and select DoneDone Beta and you’re off to the races!

Here’s what’s new in order of importance.

Project selection

There used to be 3 ways to select a project in DoneDone. That was 2 too many. There’s now a central project selection tool right-smack in the middle of the page. Jump quickly to a single project, or select 2 or more (or all).

Global project selection

 What’s an issue list, what’s activity?

Two of DoneDone’s primary pages, the issue listing page and the activity page, looked too similar and confused even the smartest of us. We updated the Activity page (and renamed it!) to scan easier and make it unique from the issue listing page.

A newly designed Activity page

Notifications vs Activity.

In the current version of Donedone, there’s a page called “updates”. In the beta, we’ve given the page a new name, Activity, a new design, and context based on project selection, priorities, status, and so on. It’s a great tool for catching up on yesterday’s activity, or from the past two weeks if you were on vacation.

What Activity isn’t great at is live-notifications. So, we’re introducting Notifications which appear in the header bar when someone creates a new issue, comments, or changes something. It’s a global feature, meaning it pulls updates from all DoneDone projects where you’re a tester, fixer, or just cc’d.

Real-time notifications


We changed the site’s primary iconography to be more represenative of the features behind them. You’ll notice that we’re no longer using the clock icon for Activity. Likewise, Project Settings is being represented by the conventional ‘crank’ icon. Little things, but we think these communicate better.


Another tweak you’ll note is that we’re using the issue priority color scheme a bit more. Issue titles are using the color and we’re also shading issues with unread activity. On the latter, we’re thinking it’s a bit too much.

Priority colors used more heavily

What’s still missing?

Global search (project search works)

You’ll notice that search is only working on a project-level. You’ll soon be able to search across your entire DoneDone account.

Global filters

This is a big one. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to create and save custom filters which can include 2 or more (or all) projects in your account. This’ll be great for reports and for bookmarking active projects.


You’ve got a first round of reports already. We’re working on a version of each of those visualizations which shows data over time. An example? You’ll be able to see who’s issues trend towards critical the later it gets in a project.

Previous/Next issue links from issue detail page

When you click through to an issue page, you won’t be able to click to the next or previous issues from the listing without hitting the back button. We’re working on getting those links back in the header of the issue detail page. They’re integral.

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