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We’ve been working furiously over the past several months to build a new DoneDone with a few global features our customers have been requesting for a while. We thought that by November 9th we’d be showering ourselves in Champagne, reveling in the thrill of a new public launch. On November 9th, we realized that we’re not done yet, though. We also don’t like Champagne.

While we’re happy with our progress, we need to keep working hard. And while we’ve received great feedback from our initial group of customer users, it’s time to open up the floodgates.

We’re now inviting everyone who’s using DoneDone to try out the new interface and give us some feedback. Are ya ready? Well, sign into DoneDone. Now, you see that link in the header that reads “Try the new DoneDone“? Click it. That’s it.

A snappy, mobile-friendly interface

The first thing you’ll notice is that the old dashboard is gone. In it’s place is, well, your issues. The new DoneDone is broken into three primary pages now: Issues, Activity, and Reports. So, while that anchor of a dashboard is gone, you’ve got a better, more granular insight into your projects, people, and issues right from the get go.The new issue list

View issues across all projects

One big improvement is the ability to view issues, activity, and reports on a more macro level. With the new DoneDone, you can get issues across all of your projects and people. This has huge implications for managing workload and identifying bottlenecks on your team. A real world example? You can create a global filter for each staff member to keep an eye on their open issue list across all the projects they’re assigned to.

View issues across all projects


Reports are our first iteration of visualizing your DoneDone data for you. Reports has a top-level visualization of all of the basic data points in DoneDone: Status, priority, fixer, and tester.Reports of status, people, priorities.


When someone updates an issue which you’re assigned or cc’d on, you’ll get a small notification in the header of DoneDone and a smart summary of the update, all without leaving the current page you’re on.

In-app notifications which don't take you away from the page


We hope you like what you see. We know you won’t like everything and we really want to hear your thoughts on what’s working and what’s not. You can get in touch in any of the usual ways, via email, via Twitter, or right here on this blog. We’ll also be following up with a quick survey in a couple of weeks to ask some more specific questions.


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