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The new DoneDone: wanna have a look?

Last time we checked in with everyone, we discussed this project we’re working on which we’re calling “the big upgrade to DoneDone”. Well, it’s coming along quite nicely. We’ve been finalizing all of the features and refinements for our 9/30 release, and while there’s plenty to do still, we’re ready for our Sneak Peek this coming Monday, September 12th.

A couple of reminders

We’re targeting Friday, September 30th, 2011 for the migration to the new DoneDone. All DoneDone accounts will be automatically switched, and there is no action required on your behalf.

Also, don’t forget that all DoneDone accounts will be free of charge for the month of October, regardless of your usage.

Sneak Peek?

This Monday, September 12th, we’re opening up DoneDone v2 testing for any interested customers. If you’re interested in giving the new DoneDone a test run, that’s great. Please send an email to accounts[at], noting your current account’s subdomain and your account owner’s email address. We’ll get a fresh clean account set up for you.

For those of you who’ve already responded, no need to send again, we’ve got ya.

For you issue-tracking voyeurs out there

A screenshot of DoneDone Project Listing Page
The updated custom search functionality

What’s next


Friday, September 17th – we’ll be sending a personalized email to all paid account owners detailing what, if any, change to pricing you’ll see. As mentioned prior, DoneDone is moving to a tiered-pricing model based on users. You’ll have unlimited projects and storage, and lot’s of current paying customers will actually be delighted to know that they’ll fit nicely into our moonlighter plan, which costs $0!

Public Release

Friday, September 30th – around midnight Central Standard Time, we’ll be taking DoneDone down and migrating every trial and paid account over to the new DoneDone. We anticipate downtime being between 4-8 hours.

Got questions?

We’d like to hear from you, and if you’re in Chicago, stop on by the office.


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