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The new DoneDone: Back online, and taking issues.

Well, DoneDone is back. And it’s new. It’s a new interface, a new set of servers, a new database design, and a new set of tools to help beat out those kinks. Every DoneDone user can now point a browser at their DoneDone domain, sign-in, and get familiar with the new environment. We sincerely hope you all like what you see.

A few facts about your new account

Non-US customers may see time-outs for a while

If you’re outside the US (and even if you’re here), it may still take a day or so for the updates to our DNS to make its way around the planet. If you are seeing timeouts, please send an email to accounts[at] and note your subdomain, please. We’ll keep track and check back with you at intervals.

Your old username doesn’t exist anymore.

The first time you (and your users) sign in to the new DoneDone,  use your email address instead of your old username. Because of changes to our authentication model, we couldn’t bring the old ones with. Once you’re in, you can click over to Profile to re-enter that old username if you’d like.

Your password is still the same.

The password you used last time you signed in is the password you’ll use today.

All of your data has been transitioned.

We moved every issue, every project, every release build, and every other bit of data to the new DoneDone database. You should not see any discrepencies, nor have we found any. It’s a lot of data though, so it’s entirely possible that some bits may have been compromised during the transition. Please write us immediately with any questions or issues.

DoneDone is free for October. You quite literally can’t pay for it.

While you’re busy getting busy using the new DoneDone, we’ll be busy getting our new billing platform into place. For the entire month of October, every DoneDone account is unlimited everything. Around October 15th, we’ll be releasing  a final build of the accounts section of DoneDone, and from then on, you’ll be able to see which plan you’re in, upgrade, downgrade, cancel, and get a sense for how things work now with active users.

Oh my goodness, thank you for …

Thank you for being our first generation of customers. The feedback you’ve provided over the past 2 years is what drove us through the finish line. Also, thank you for your patience while we got this new app up. Most of all,  thank you for the extra time it will take to get to know the new DoneDone. This app is for you.  Make it yours.

Folks, all systems appear to be a full ‘go’. If you have any issues whatsoever with signing in or accessing your issues, please holler. We’re here, ready to help.

-The DoneDone team

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