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Keep Your Issue Tracker Out of Your Inbox

Lots of people use email to manage their day-to-day tasks – just about every web application can be configured to send updates directly to your inbox (DoneDone included!) But since all your productivity tools send you multiple messages every day, it’s easy to end up with an overstuffed inbox if you don’t dedicate a few minutes each day to pruning. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were other ways to receive notifications from your web applications? With DoneDone, you have plenty of options for keeping tabs on your issues without cluttering your inbox.

Chrome Desktop Notifications

If you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, it’s now super easy to enable DoneDone notifications on your desktop. Simply visit your Profile section, scroll down to the Desktop Notifications area, and click Allow desktop notifications for DoneDone. You’ll be prompted to grant permission to DoneDone, and that’s it! As long you have DoneDone open in a Chrome tab, you’ll see a small notification pop up anytime an issue is assigned to you, or if one of your existing issues is modified.

Chrome desktop notification
Chrome desktop notification

OSX Notification Center

If you’re an OSX Mountain Lion (or later) user, you get the added benefit of the new built-in Notification Center. All you have to do is launch Safari or Chrome and enable desktop notifications from your DoneDone Profile section. You’ll receive a popup when changes are made to your issues, and unread notifications will remain in the Notification Center bar until you clear them.

OSX Mountain Lion - Safari notification
OSX Mountain Lion – Safari notification


DoneDone can also be used as a Fluid desktop application – simply install and launch Fluid, then navigate to your DoneDone URL. When changes are made to your issues, you’ll get OSX-style alerts, including a bouncing dock icon, counter badge, and a Growl notification. Fluid users can download a high-resolution dock icon for DoneDone here.

Fluid dock icon with unread notifications
Fluid dock icon with unread notifications

In-App Notifications

If you’re not a Chrome, Safari, or Fluid user, you can still keep track of your notifications directly within DoneDone. Simply login and you’ll see a new notifications icon in the DoneDone header if any activity has occurred since your last visit. Click the icon to open a flyout containing a summary of recent updates to your issues. Once you’ve visited all the issues on the list, the notification icon will disappear until new activity is detected.

In-app notification flyout
In-app notification flyout

Send Us Your Feedback

We’d love to know if DoneDone’s notification options are working for you – try them out on the platform of your choice and send us your feedback via email or Twitter (@getdonedone).

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