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Just Released: New and Improved Github Integration

Just Released: New and Improved Github Integration

We’re excited to announce the release of our brand new Github integration with DoneDone 2!

Like our recent improvements, Harvest integration, global search, and reference numbers, our brand new Github integration isn’t just a replica of what we did in DoneDone Classic, it’s a drastic improvement. If you want to dig into the details, head to our Github integration page on our help docs.

With our Github integration, you can do just the things you might need to move tasks along in a project (or conversations along in a mailbox) when pushing commits or merging a pull request:

  • Add a comment to a task
  • Update the status of a task
  • Change the assignee (or unassign a task)

What’s improved from our DoneDone Classic version?

First, we think you’ll find the commit message syntax a lot cleaner and simpler to use. It also offers more flexibility. For instance, you can easily update multiple tasks at once.

In Classic, it was clunky to update issues in a pull request message because any issues that were also updated in commits to the child branch would get re-updated as well (since Github re-applies these commits to the parent branch).  We got smarter with this in our DoneDone 2 integration: Commits can only update a DoneDone task once. So, if you merge a bunch of changes which previously successfully updated DoneDone tasks in a pull request, only the pull request message will be processed by DoneDone.

Finally, notifications are a lot more helpful in DoneDone 2.

For instance, the person who pushes the commits or merges the pull request will receive a summary email from DoneDone specifying what happened (including any errors while trying to parse your commit messages).

A Github push summary email from DoneDone
A Github push summary email from DoneDone

Task histories and the calendar activity section will also include direct links right to the commit or merge so you can easily reference code changes associated to the DoneDone task.

The calendar activity view after a Github commit
The calendar activity view after a Github commit

So that’s the quick summary. To get started, read through the full documentation available on our help docs. We hope you find it useful!

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