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Keep track of all your human resource processes: from hiring to onboarding—and everything in between.

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DoneDone is the simple human resource tool for
managing your people, work, and internal documentation,
all in one place.


The easiest solution for a great hiring process

Use DoneDone’s built-in hiring Workflow or build your own from scratch.

Track your applicant pool, collaborate with your hiring team, and quickly progress candidates from one hiring stage to the next.


Employee onboarding has never been more organized

Create an onboarding project for each of your new hires to get them up and running on their very first day.

Keep track of the most important onboarding tasks to make sure all hires are onboarded consistently and completely every time.


Cross-company communication, simplified

Share, update, and collaborate on company-wide initiatives all from within DoneDone.

Easily loop in the people that matter with watchers and @-mentions so everyone can focus on what’s most important to them.

If you’re a charity or educational institution, let us know and you’ll
receive a 30% lifetime discount!

Simple hiring software features

Avoid overly complex workflows and processes with a tool that has everything you need, while keeping it simple.

  • Custom Workflows
  • Default & Custom Filters
  • Priorities
  • Due dates
  • Tags
  • Overviews
  • Public API
  • Saved Replies
  • Office Hours
  • Integrations
  • Issue Templates
  • Email Forwarding
  • Email DNS integration
  • Default Signatures
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Auto Responses
  • Reporting
  • Global Search

A human resource tool,
perfect for small businesses

From hiring to internal processes and cross-team
communication, DoneDone is your sidekick for
great people management.

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