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This Friday, July 13th: Opt-out of emails, and into notifications

Less email is great, but not at the cost of keeping up to date with your team and projects. So, this Friday, July 13th at around 5:30 CT we’re releasing 3 new ways to keep you notified of new issues, updates, and project-specific conversations in DoneDone without email. These features are also laying some technical plumbing for some exciting new UI coming out in August. Oh, and if you’re gung-ho about your emails, no problem, just carry on as you normally do and forget this jibber-jabber.

Opt-out of emails.

First and foremost, you can opt-out of email notifications. We’ve done this at the project-level so you’ll need to visit each project in DoneDone and tell it to “stop right there, pard’ner”. Visit the landing page of your project, click the link on the right-hand side of the page, and that’s it. It looks like this:

Opt out of email notifications from any DoneDone project.

Using the Chrome browser?

Chrome is the browser of choice for DoneDone users. It also has support for desktop notifications. This cool feature gives you a little pop up on your desktop letting you know there are one or more updates waiting for you in DoneDone. You can opt-in to this feature from your View Profile page, and you’ll need to have DoneDone open in a tab.

If ya use Chrome, you’ll get some nice desktop notifications.

Run DoneDone as a desktop app

If you’re a Mac user, then listen up. Go download FluidApp and load up DoneDone. It’s free, and it’ll turn DoneDone into a desktop app which gives you Growl notifications as well as a dock icon ‘bump’ if the app isn’t in focus. It also gets you out of the browser where, well, a certain percentage of you have a tendency to click over to Facebook and Twitter.

Make DoneDone a desktop app.

Your browser knows what’s up

The third way we’re delivering a ‘nudge’ is directly in DoneDone. If you’ve got some new comments or issues waiting on you, that little clock icon in your header bar will turn green and glow.

Clock icon showing ‘no new updates’.
Clock icon showing ‘yay, you’ve got some updates!’.

See you Friday

We hope these little enhancements bring back some of the focus that your email inbox takes away. Please let us know what you think. Meanwhile, we’ll be getting busy with a whole new UI which not only takes advantage of this new, real-time behavior but looks great on mobile devices. All due out in the next few weeks.


The DoneDone team

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