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Even better customer satisfaction with Public Issues

Fifteen months ago, we released a game-changing feature to DoneDone. With the release of Public Issues, DoneDone became not just your simple internal issue tracker, but your customer support tracker as well. To date, over 61,000 public issues have been logged via email into over 350 accounts since launch. Public Issues is clearly becoming one of our most popular features.

Naturally, we’ve received a lot of great feedback on how we can improve. Today, we’re excited to announce two major improvements to Public Issues. They’re ready to go in your DoneDone account right now.

Track CC’d customers on your Public Issue

Up until now, one of the limitations of Public Issues is that you could never track who may have been originally copied on the original email. The end result? You could only reply back to the original customer through DoneDone, leaving any other people CC’d on the original email completely in the dark.

In addition, if someone who was copied on the originally-submitted email decided to reply back to that email, DoneDone didn’t track it as a reply to the original issue. Instead, it created a brand new issue. Now, you’d have two or three running conversations about the same topic.

It was time to fix this. Here’s what’s new:

  • As of today, DoneDone will track all recipients copied on the original email. The issue history thread and the “Reply to Submitter” area now display who’s been cc’d on the issue.
  • In addition, if someone cc’d on the original email decides to reply back to the group, DoneDone will track it as a reply to the original issue, rather than create an entirely new issue.
  • On the issue detail page, you can modify the cc’d recipients on the issue as well. just update the CC field before submitting your next reply.
  • New update! We’ve also added a new setting in Public Issues called “Forwarder Address(es)”.  If you are forwarding emails from an email address that’s different from your configured “From” address, simply add those email(s) to the list. We’ll exclude them from the list of CC’d emails.
DoneDone now tracks cc'd email addresses on all Public Issues emails
DoneDone now tracks CC’d email addresses on all Public Issues emails
Public issues now display messages received from people CC’d on the originating email
Modify the current list of CC’d email addresses before replying back to the customer

Update the original submitter of your Public Issue

Many of you have enabled forwarding from your support email address into a Public Issue project email address. This is a seamless way to migrate customer support for your organization into DoneDone. However, others of you are curating support requests a bit differently. Some are doing so in conjunction with an HTML form, or even manually forwarding emails.  In some of these cases, the originating email address gets lost in the mix. This makes it difficult for DoneDone to know who originally submitted the email.

By popular request, we now provide an easy way for you to update the original submitter on a Public Issue. Just head to the “Reply to Submitter” area and click the pencil icon to edit the submitter’s contact information. Just like that, the entire issue page updates with the new submitter’s info.

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Update the original submitter of a Public Issue right on the issue’s detail page

We’ve been thrilled by the tremendous adoption of Public Issues over the last year. We’re equally excited to see how these new goodies are working for your organization. Let us know what you think by contacting us directly or tweeting us @getdonedone!

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