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DoneDone: What's next and will it work on my iPhone?

If you stop reading right now though, you’ll miss the good stuff that we are building. Our next major releases begin August 1st, and we’ll be writing a blog post each week diving into the details of these healthy improvements to DoneDone. Here’s an overview of what’s on tap.

Stay focused. Without email.

Your email inbox is the equivalent of a fog horn. It breaks your focus and before you know it, you’re off and running in another direction. One of the big requests has been to disable email notifications. We’re on it. To one-up this though, we’re also improving the real-time-ness of our notifications page, adding Chrome desktop notifications, and integrating with FluidApp so you can have DoneDone run on your desktop.

View issues across all people and projects.

We’re adding a new kind of dashboard that gives you better control over which projects, people, and issues are relevant to you ‘now’. If you’re familiar with issue filters, well, you’ll have them on a global level so you can view reports and issue statuses across your entire organization. To boot, we’re throwing in some data visualizations to help you see where your team’s attention is most needed. Or who’s slacking.

Due dates and Basecamp Calendars.

Due dates have always had a stigma for us developers. We work hard enough, right? Well, the other half of the organization needs them. So, we’re creating due dates that behave like tags. You can pay attention to them if you’d like. If they get in the way, don’t bother. One cool feature is that they’ll sync up to your Basecamp project’s calendar, which should make you project managers get all jiggy-wit-it.

Mobile. Get outside for a minute, would ya?

With the advent of sunlight, lot’s of folks are going outside. When they’re there, they prefer a better way to check in on DoneDone. From this day forward, every page of DoneDone will incrementally be optimized to be beautiful across all of your devices. We’ll start with the new stuff above and as we see some adoption, we’ll start applying the efforts to other pages. Be careful crossing the street, now, you hear?

Go beta, go beta, go!

The last thing to note is that we’re starting to release ‘new stuff’ in a more gentle manner. Starting in August, you’ll see a button in the header of DoneDone which, when clicked, will zoom you into the future of DoneDone where you can use all of these newer features. If you like it, DoneDone will remember. Likewise, if you need a bit more time for this mind-blowing activity, well, just click back to “ye olde DoneDone” and all shall be well and well shall be all.

Don’t forget: We’re doing this for you!

We know there are ideas in that head of yours. We want to hear them. Tweet at us. Blog at us. Heck, use the Pony Express. Whatever you do, make sure you’re heard.

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