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DoneDone updates for May 25, 2012: More faster better.

Well, it’s been a month or so since we had anything to holler about. But look at us now, more sitting here with more than you ever wanted to know about what’s coming soon to DoneDone. When? This release will get pushed live this Friday at about 5:30 pm CT. No Downtime? There will be about an hour of anticipated interruptions but likely no downtime. We’re doing some server maintenance but will take a single web server down at a time, so DoneDone should always be available. We’ll keep folks posted on twitter, @getdonedone, as we progress with the updates.

UPDATE: We had some trouble with this release unfortunately. So, everything below made it up with the exception of our new markdown library (for text formatting) which burped, bubbled, and refused to play nice with our 64 bit servers. We’ll be cranking on this over the next couple of days, and hope to have it released early next week. 

Companies & People. More.

Companies & People has been redesigned.  We had to rewrite the Basecamp integration from scratch (duh, it’s a new Basecamp) and figured, heck, this section of DoneDone’s could use some work anyhow. Now, you can add more than one user at a time and DoneDone’s a bit more forthcoming about your account status as you do so.

A new Companies and People page
Add multiple users at one time, and import from Basecamp and Basecamp Classic.

Note: Because Basecamp’s new API doesn’t have the concept of ‘companies’ yet, you can’t sync company to company for the time being. We’re paying attention to 37Signal’s work, though, so as soon as they’ve updated that API we’ll get busy.

Create Issue Filters. Better.

Another ugly duckling in DoneDone has been the Create Issue Filter page, which you access from any project’s landing page. We’ve called it ‘the checkbox farm’ since October of 2011. Well, the first thing new-guy-on-the-team Jeremy Kratz did was make it about 50% quicker to create a new issue filter, and 100% easier to edit one. No more scrolling. Just type what you want and boosh! ye shall receive. For those interested, we used the ridiculously awesome Chosen components from the wizards over at Harvest (cheers Patrick!).

A cleaner, quicker issue filter page
No more checkboxes. Now, it’s much quicker to see what’s selected, and to create new filters.

Issue detail page. Faster.

For the last several weeks we’ve been making incremental improvements to our database, caching, server, and code performance. Hopefully you’ve noticed some of that goodness wherever you are.

To follow suit, we’ll be releasing a dramatically faster Issue Detail page which has a new markdown (what we use for text formatting) library. It’s seriously snappy. So, where you see a bit of rendering time for issues with longer histories, you’ll see a significant reduction in load time. You deserve this one.

More faster better!

The theme of this party? Save time. Everything we’ve been working on lately is about saving a click, a second, a thought. If you’ve got ideas for some other little improvements like this, please let us know.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy where you are with whomever you’re with.

The DoneDone team

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