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DoneDone scheduled downtime: Friday, November 8 from 9pm-12am EST

DoneDone will be offline on Friday, November 8th from 9pm-12am EST as we upgrade to a new data center.  We don’t take downtime like this lightly.  It’s just the second major planned downtime since we launched back in 2009.

Most folks in the Americas will already be starting their weekends. Those of you in Europe ought to be sound asleep. East Asia and Australia…enjoy your Saturday morning issue-free! Here’s when we’ll be offline for you.

Why are we moving data centers?

Since our last major server migration in November 2011, traffic to DoneDone has more than tripled. We’ve also added dozens of new features that could use some more robust hardware for the long run.

Since early this summer, we’ve been hard at work getting DoneDone prepared to move to AWS — Amazon’s Cloud environment. This move will allow us to scale quicker, and take advantage of a host of other services that will help make DoneDone a snappier experience.

We’re not just moving, we’re moving up!

This move will enable us to make feature and performance improvements to DoneDone down the road. In fact, some will already be in place immediately. Here are just a couple of small improvements to expect right after we complete our migration:

Faster file upload experience with Amazon S3

With our move to AWS, we’ll also be moving our file uploads to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Based on some of our early tests, you should expect a much faster file uploading experience! Oh, and don’t worry — your existing file links won’t change. Only new uploads after our migration will be uploaded to S3.

Snappier form submission with Amazon SQS

We’ve offloaded sending issue-related emails and HipChat notifications to a separate, asynchronous process, leveraging Amazon’s Simple Queue Services (SQS). Now, submitting an issue or adding a new comment should feel snappier than ever!

Questions, concerns? Please let us know.

If there are any mission-critical needs you have planned with DoneDone during our maintenance window, do let us know by contacting us through our support page.

The API will be offline during this time. Emails sent into DoneDone will be delayed.

Since DoneDone will be offline during this period, that also means any applications using our API will not be able to access DoneDone.  In addition, any emails sent to DoneDone for submitting or replying to issues will not be processed until after we come back up.  Don’t worry, emails will not be lost — but they won’t be processed until after the migration.

We’ll do everything we can to get things back up as fast as possible.

We’ve prepared for everything we can to minimize potential downtime. However, our final steps require us to migrate our data and configure our servers while everyone is off. Based on metrics from the past year, Friday @ 9pm EST is the beginning of our low weekend traffic usage.  It also provides us the most runway to fix any critical issues in the unlikely event something goes wrong over the weekend — before traffic ramps back up for the week on Monday, November 12th.

Follow us on Twitter for frequent updates during our migration.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


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