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DoneDone Release Feb 3, 2012: Image Gallery, API wrappers for Python, PHP, C#

A couple of nice additions to the DoneDone arsenal this week. We’ll be pushing it all up at about 5:15 pm CST today and expect no downtime but many smiles. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Or excuses. Just let us know, all at What’s new? We’ve got API wrappers in 3 different languages, and a slick way to click through all of an issue’s image attachments.

API Wrappers: C#, Python, PHP

A couple of weeks ago, we embarked on an excursion to create scripts in various languages for folks to import issue tracker data from other services. How devious, I know. Well, we’ve run into a few snags. The quality of the data from other services leaves lots to be desired. So, we’re approaching it from a different direction.

One good benefit of our mistrial, however, is that our new team member, Daniel Chen, coded up DoneDone API wrappers in C#, Python, and PHP. We’ve posted all that goodness up at GitHub and we’ve also added some beautiful documentation to use them on our API page.

DoneDone API wrappers on GitHub

View multiple images as a gallery

If an issue has multiple images as attachments, you can now click through them all via the image viewer instead of having to close out, click another, and on. It turns out the jQuery plugin we’re using made it pretty easy to do, so why not. It’s a slick and super helpful way to compare screenshots. Or jogging puppies.

View multiple images as a gallery


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