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DoneDone makes firing people a whole lot easier

This weekend, we made an update to DoneDone to better support removing people.

Previously, when you wanted to remove someone, we’d also remove all related issues that were created by or assigned to that person. It was an early decision in the design that no longer makes sense to us. If a person leaves your company, it’s unlikely that his or her issues magically don’t matter anymore.

Now, when you want to remove someone, DoneDone checks if there are any issues related to that person. If so, you can move all these issues over to either someone in your own company or the company that person worked for (if it’s a different company).

The new person in charge of these issues will be notified by email and you’ll see a note about what happened in each issue’s history.

We think this is a great feature that you hopefully don’t have to use too often!

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