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DoneDone: Preview of January 6 Release

It’s the first release of 2012,  and we have quite a few updates we’re excited to get out to everyone.  As is our custom, we’ll be pushing all of these updates live Friday, January 6th, at about 5:00 pm CST. There’s no anticipated downtime. However,  all ‘remember me’ cookies will be deleted and refreshed, so everyone will have to sign in the next time they visit DoneDone. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can get in contact via our support page, or directly at

A new Issue Filter design

Lot’s of users have been glancing over a rather important feature of DoneDone, that of the Custom Search & Filter utility, because of it’s rather subtle design. It’s available from beneath the project title on a project’s landing page. Here’s a shot of the old design.

The old Issue Filters dropdown
The old Issue Filters dropdown

The new design is more inviting, as is the Create New Issue Filter button which allows you to create your own filters. We also dropped the word “Search” from describing the feature. It’s a filter of a project’s issues, so now it’s just called the Issue Filter feature. In an upcoming release, we’ll also be cleaning up the actual Create new Issue Filter screen, or what we lovingly refer to as ‘the checkbox farm’.

The new Issue Filters dropdown
The new Issue Filters dropdown

Default an Issue Filter to show every time you visit a project

In addition to the design updates, you can also now designate a Filter to be the default issues you see when you visit a project. Just click the little link next to the ‘Filter issues by drop down’ and boom!’, that’ll be what loads the next time around. This also works with tags. Click a tag from the right-hand column, click “Set as default”, and ka-pow!

Set an Issue Filter to default
Default an Issue Filter on a Project landing page

Testers & Fixers can now edit an issue

Little known fact, but until this week’s update, Testers and Fixers had to lean on a project administrator to make edits to an issue, such as adding tags, editing a description, etc. Well, now Testers and Fixers can move the battlefield to the Edit state of an issue. Won’t that be fun? Do note, folks, that any edits to issues are documented in an issue’s history.

Various UI updates

Finally, we spent a bunch of time refining the periphery of DoneDone’s pages.

A few updates around the neighborhood
A few updates around the neighborhood

1. Global Header

We gave the header bar quite a bit of polish. It’s not only prettier, but it saves quite a bit of vertical space, getting even more primary issue content front and center in your screen. This, in addition to seeing your lovely avatar when you click your name in the upper right, should make you a pinch happier than you were before.

2. Cranks become pencils, and ‘books’ become ‘plus’ symbols.

The crank icon which used to denote “edit” on an issue page, is now a “pencil” icon. Brilliant! Also, the ‘create a new …’ button style has also gotten a bit of lipstick. We opted for a more conventional “+” icon and gave it the control a bit of color.

3. More of you. And more of them.

We cleaned up the Tester & Fixer area in the right-hand column quite a bit. We got rid of the icons, and opted for the words “Tester” and “Fixer”. It’s simpler that way. We also added email addresses and phone numbers. Sometimes it’s better to just call someone instead of duking it out in DoneDone.

What’s next?

One very exciting feature we’ll be releasing soon is the option to drag and drop files into DoneDone. This gesture is a huge time saver and allows multiple files to be selected, dragged, and dropped in one, fell swoop.  We’re also hot on the trail of integrating with Git and Subversion.

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