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DoneDone is back up. Time for a change.

DoneDone was unavailable to a lot of users Monday between the hours of 2:30 and 5:00 pm CT. It’s the first unplanned, major outage we’ve experienced. It was also preventable. There’s no excuses we’re going to write here.

The outage was related an attack our DNS provider, GoDaddy, sustained Monday afternoon. We were one of millions of customers affected. When their servers went down your computers and mobile devices didn’t know how to find your DoneDone account.

As one customer brazenly pointed out to us, we should’ve had our domains fall back to a secondary location should the primary servers go down.

Several more customers called out our use of GoDaddy because of their marketing tactics and support of SOPA.

Both observations are correct.

Our first responsibility is to ensure that this technical failure doesn’t occur again. There are thousands of users who depend on DoneDone and it’s uptime. We’re proud of our success thus far. We know how to improve moving forward.

Our second responsibility is to listen better. Our own engineers had recommended these improvements in May already. We deprioritized this small amount of work in favor of what, at the time, seemed to be more pressing initiatives.

We live. We learn. We swallow pride. We improve.

If you were affected during Monday’s outage, please accept our apologies.


The DoneDone team

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