Working With Companies & People

When tracking issues and bugs for your project, it’s important to make sure the right people are assigned to the right issues. It’s just as important that everyone working on an issue can easily keep track of its progress, and communicate between one another. DoneDone makes it quick and easy to invite new users to your projects, organize them into companies, and update their permissions. It’s also a snap for users to share and update their contact information with coworkers.

Managing Companies & People on Your Account

Companies and people can be added, updated, and removed from the Companies & People link in Setting menu of the DoneDone header. Please note that you’ll need to be signed in as an Administrator in order to access this section.

The Companies & People page allows you to quickly add, update, and delete companies and users on your account.
The Companies & People page allows you to quickly add, update, and delete companies and users on your account.

Managing Companies

Users are organized into companies, and each user must belong to a company. When you first sign up, you’ll start with a single company (which you provided when you created your account). To add a new company, just click into the Settings menu on the right and select the Create New Company option in the dropdown. You can rename a company at any time by selecting Edit Company Name in that same dropdown.

Adding People

To add new users to your DoneDone account, visit the Companies & People page, select the appropriate Company from the dropdown list, and click the Add People icon. You’ll just need to enter their first name, last name, and email address in order to invite them to your DoneDone account.

basecamp-logoImporting users from Basecamp – If you use Basecamp for project management, you can also simply click the Import from Basecamp link to import one or more people from your Basecamp account. DoneDone supports both Basecamp and Basecamp Classic.

Once you’ve entered your users’ names and email addresses, use the Add These People to Projects section to grant the new users permission to your projects. When finished, click Send Invites, and the users you entered will receive a DoneDone invitation email.

Adding users and assigning projects
Adding users and assigning projects

Resending sign-in information

From time to time, a user may forget their username or password. When viewing the Companies & People Dashboard, just locate the user and click the Sign In icon. Users can also send this information to themselves by clicking Trouble signing in? on the DoneDone sign-in page.

Editing and Deleting People

You can update any user’s details and permissions by clicking the Edit icon from the Companies & People Dashboard. You can also delete a user with the Delete icon (you’ll be prompted to reassign all their issues to another user).

Managing Project Permissions

You can easily update users assigned to a project by navigating to that project from the Issue List Dashboard, clicking the Project Settings icon and selecting Edit People On This Project.

Updating permissions within a project
Updating permissions within a project


How is DoneDone working for you and your users? Send us your feedback via email or Twitter (@getdonedone).

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