Up n'coming features with DoneDone

Here are a few things we’re working on with DoneDone. We don’t know exactly when they’ll get added yet, but suffices to say…soon.

RSS feeds for issues
We’re adding secure RSS feeds for certain issues. You’ll be able to grab a feed for all issues waiting on you, all issues waiting on them, as well as issues waiting on you or them within a specific project. In addition, you can subscribe to an RSS feed per issue. This will include the entire issue history as separate RSS items as well (status changes, priority level changes, comments, and re-assigments).

Commenting to an issue via email
You’ll soon be able to comment back to an issue just via replying to an email. This will make it convenient to quickly postback a reponse to an issue you just received.

Tagging an issue
We’re working on a simple way to tag issues with custom labels. It will make it easier to filter issues within a project into more granular buckets (e.g. design, code, copy, etc).

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You'll love these too

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