Two new DoneDone feature fixes

A couple new features with DoneDone.

Sending an issue comment to anyone on a project
In our latest release of DoneDone, we now allow you to send emails to anyone on a project when commenting. Previously, you were relegated to just notify the resolver or creator.

In a way, adding this feature goes against one of our long-held rules of bug tracking – the more people that are notified about a problem, the less chance that problem has of being resolved. That is still why we only allow one person to act as a bug resolver and one person to act as the creator/tester. That is also why we still only allow a back and forth between those two people when it comes to changing an issue’s status or priority.
However, issue commenting is a bit different. Sometimes, you may want quick feedback from someone else (not enough to warrant re-assigning the bug to that person). Or, an outsider might chime in with a comment, but there would be no way of notifying that person later on. We felt that allowing you to notify someone else of a new comment was a justifiable break in our “don’t create any more noise than necessary” philosophy.

The current “add comment” section shows you who will be emailed a copy of your comment…

…but now you can also choose to email anyone else on the project as well. The creator and resolver of the bug are highlighted in gray and blue respectively, just as they are at the top of the page.

Changing how issues get sorted
In addition, we’ve changed a few of the default sorts for an issue list. Now, when you click Priority, the list sorts from “Critical” to “Low”. Clicking Create Date or Last Updated will sort the list from most recent to least recent. Before, it defaulted those three fields in reverse.
We now realize that issues of low priority from last June probably deserve to be below critical ones sent this morning….our bad.
Thanks for your continued support! As always, follow us on Twitter or talk to us at GetSatisfaction.
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