Today's incoming email delivery outage explained

To our DoneDone customers:

Today, we received emails from several of you noticing that some inbound emails were not being delivered to your mailboxes.

After a small period of investigation, we determined that one of our incoming email service providers (which acts as a proxy) was delaying our emails due to some automated triggers on their end without notice. From our end, we couldn't easily tell there was an issue. DoneDone was still receiving a relatively "normal" volume of emails and those emails were processed as expected. Quite simply, the delivery issue was happening prior to the points we had easy access to.

We determined the best route was to update our MX records for incoming mailbox email to point directly to our email servers rather than through the proxy. We had already set up and tested our infrastructure to handle this DNS update a year ago but hadn't flipped the switch. The original reason for setting this up was to have a backup plan in case our proxy email service provider had an issue we could not resolve. That issue happened today.

After updating DNS, we immediately started seeing delayed emails successfully delivered. Most of these emails were delayed from earlier today but some are delayed as far back as two days ago.

For those of you that receive a large volume of emails, you may see a fair number of delayed emails entering your mailboxes over the course of the next several hours. There is also a small chance that some emails over the weekend (Nov 18-19) were never delivered because their retry window had ended prior to our update. So, we suggest you check the email inboxes that you forward emails to DoneDone from just to double check for any incoming emails that may have slipped through the cracks.

We're very sorry about this issue. We now have a better handle on this going forward. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns about today's event.

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