The 5 Emotional Stages of Dealing with Customer Support

The 5 Emotional Stages of Dealing with Customer Support

When it comes to things we look forward to, spending an afternoon exchanging messages with a customer support agent sounds about as appealing as a root canal. So as a business, it’s your job to make sure you’re assisting your customers as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Good thing that’s exactly what DoneDone helps you do, but it’s important to recognize the feelings your customers might be experiencing when an issue arises.

1) Frustration about the issue

The fact is: things go wrong, and it’s usually at the worst times. Whether a customer can’t log in to their account or keeps getting the same error message, having a problem they can’t troubleshoot on their own is definitely frustrating. But with DoneDone’s customer support and issue tracking, customers can easily reach out via email while you get a support ticket on your end. From there you can easily track progress, fix the issue and respond to your customer all through DoneDone.

2) Dread about reaching out for help

It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal problem or a small work-related issue — asking for help is something many of us struggle with. A lot of people really hate having to get in touch when something goes wrong and will even avoid resolving the issue altogether, even if it prevents them from doing what they need to do. And let’s be honest: most of us are at least a little scarred from a bad customer support experience. But a good customer support app like DoneDone helps relieve that dread by making it easy to provide clear communication, customer assistance and immediately follow up on an issue.

3) Impatience when it’s not fixed yet

It’s completely normal for a customer to feel frustrated when an agent puts them on hold or tells them “we’ll get back to you when we’re available” — customers have things to do, people to talk to, and stress to eat. To help make sure you respond as promptly as possible, DoneDone seamlessly creates a support ticket for you and routes it to the right team member to resolve whenever a customer sends an inbound request. For you, that means better teamwork and fewer opportunities for issues to fall through the cracks.

4) Surprise when the issue is already fixed

When customers quickly and easily get the support they need, they are often surprised — “wait, you already helped me?” they might think. That’s because, with DoneDone, you get simple issue creation, priority settings, and due dates. You can also quickly communicate back and forth through email replies to let your customers know their issue is resolved and that they are good to go. This leaves customers feeling like they’ve been listened to and prioritized, which creates a sense of loyalty and connection to your company.

5) Satisfaction after a problem is resolved

Like many things in life — exercising, filing your taxes, going on a first date — the best part of a customer service experience is when it’s over. Because DoneDone helps you solve your customers’ issues easily and effectively, they are more likely to stay a customer and recommend your business to others. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a neat list of already resolved issues and move on to other fish to fry.

Resolving customer support issues faster with DoneDone

DoneDone has simple customer support management features that make it easy for small businesses to quickly respond to customers in need. You can link a website inquiry form with DoneDone’s issue tracking dashboard. This opens up a conversation between your company and the customer in a way that is convenient for them to find the answers and for you to manage requests among your team. Learn more here.

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