Small tweaks to DoneDone issues

A couple weeks back, we released a few minor improvements to the DoneDone issues page.

We redesigned the issue and project title display. Previously, the project name appeared on the “Back to” link in the upper left. It was outside the main issue content and styled as a normal link. When you were in an issue page, it was hard to tell, at a quick glance, what project the issue belonged to. Some customers (including us) have several similar projects running at once, and it’s easy to get confused.

So, we’ve modified the look. Now, the project title displays just above the issue title, and to the right of the issue number. Now, at a quick glance, you know which project you’re working on. A super-subtle change that goes a long way.

Second, we added a “Jump to issue” box on the upper-right. Now, you can jump to any other issue in the project without having to go back to the project home page first.

Finally, you can now delete attachments off of an issue. If you are an administrator, the issue’s creator, or the issue’s resolver, you can permanently delete files from the attachment list. Deleting a file will also remove it from the allotted 2 GB of storage we provide to each paid account.

We hope you like these simple changes. Follow us on Twitter @GetDoneDone or give us feedback on our GetSatisfaction forum.

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