Slack integration just got even easier

As many of you know, you can integrate a DoneDone project with a Slack channel or group. Any time issues are added or updated, DoneDone will automatically post a message in Slack. This is a great way to keep up with and discuss issues without having to go through email.

Today, we’re excited to announce an even easier way to integrate DoneDone projects with Slack. Previously, you had to locate your Slack API token, then copy and paste it into DoneDone. Now you can simply go to the Integrations panel inside your project’s settings, find the Slack option, and click the “Add to Slack” button.

Click the “Add to Slack” button to start your integration

After clicking the “Add to Slack” button, you’ll be asked to authorize DoneDone’s access to your Slack account.

Allow DoneDone to access features in Slack to be able to post messages

After you authorize, you’ll be taken right back to DoneDone where you can tie activity in your DoneDone project to a specific channel or group.  Just click “Save” and you’re all done!  If you ever want to remove the integration, you can click the “Remove Slack” button from DoneDone, or remove DoneDone from your list of applications inside of Slack.

Choose a channel or group to integrate a DoneDone project
Choose a channel or group to integrate a DoneDone project

When your team members create or update issues within DoneDone, everyone will be notified inside the Slack channel or group you selected.

Updates from DoneDone will automatically appear in Slack
Updates from DoneDone will automatically appear in Slack

We hope you find this integration seamless and useful for your team! If you haven’t yet, sign up for a free Slack account and give it a try. And, as always, you can reach us on our support page or via Twitter with any questions or comments.

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