Reports, mobile, and more-faster-better.

Ok. We’ve been cranking on a a new interface which we’re planning to release  on November 9th, 2012. It hits on a few huge improvements you’ve been requesting, so our hunch is that you’ll jump out of your captain’s chair and yell “Woot!”, and then promptly sit back down and continue to work.

A faster, simpler dashboard

The new dashboard is straight-to-the-point. When you sign in, DoneDone shows you updates since the last time you signed in. From there, you can toggle over to Issues or Reports for more details. Yes, you read right. Reports.

DoneDone's new dashboard.
DoneDone’s new dashboard.

The new UI is also faster and simpler. We’ve relocated links to stuff you don’t use that often, like Project Settings. We’re also doing some asynchronous data loads, so you won’t be waiting on a bunch of page refreshes. Snappy.

While you can still view your issues by project, we’ve brought filters to the forefront. One of the cool new things you can do is view issues across all projects right alongside other criteria like status and priority. It puts you closer to your data, allowing you to customize as you see fit.


You’ve been patient. Thanks. Now, here’s a data visualization of issue metadata such as projects, timeframes, people, priorities  and so on, which you can use to impress your friends and family.

DoneDone's new reports page.
DoneDone’s new reports page.


This new UI works splendidly on your mobile device, be it a Galaxy, an iPhone, or something like this. It still runs in a browser, yes. And yes, you’ll need an internet connection.

DoneDone looks a lot better on mobile devices.
DoneDone looks a lot better on mobile devices.

A couple of notes

  • You’ll be able to opt-in to using the new interface. It’s fast, simple, and powerful, but it is a significant change so we figured we’d give you both some time to get acquainted. Both versions use the same exact data. So, users who are sticking with the old version can work with the ones who choose the new one. Do know, though, that people using the new UI will have an additional 78 minutes of free time to spend with grandchildren after retirement.
  • We’re looking for a few brave souls to kick the tires before we release it to everyone. If you’re interested in getting early access, please send us an email at support[at] to get on the list. You’ll get the goods, the bads, and the uglies, but it’ll help to get your feedback.

Hey you! Thanks!

As always, you all are the drivers of change in DoneDone. The more feedback you give us on this new UI, the more it’ll work for you. We’re also long overdue on some smaller, more nuanced improvements such as due dates and Excel exports. It’ll be nice to get back into the rhythm of smaller, more frequent releases.


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