New Status: Putting issues on-hold

Yesterday, we released a small update to DoneDone’s workflow. Based on many requests over the past few years, we’ve added an “On Hold” status option for issues. The last time we introduced a new issue status to DoneDone? April 15, 2009 — the day we launched. Yep, we’re pretty particular about the kinds of statuses you can give to an issue.

A new issue status option greets you today.
A new issue status option greets you today.

With this update, the fixer or tester can mark an issue as “On Hold”. When the time comes to revisit the issue, the fixer or tester can mark the issue as “Open” again (the tester can also close the issue).

Issues that are on hold are considered inactive in DoneDone. Just liked closed or fixed issues, they won’t show up on your active lists, or as issues waiting on you or them. And, like other statuses, you can bulk update a set of issues to “on hold” or add the status to your own custom filter. We’ve added a new filter at the bottom of the list of popular filters so you can filter out just the issues that are on hold.

The new "All issues on hold" default filter
The new “All issues on hold” default filter

We hope you enjoy this small, but significant update to the DoneDone workflow. To those that have been waiting on this, sincere thanks for your patience as we’ve been putting this particular update—on hold—until now.

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